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Better Together

April 09, 2020
By Lyn Korte

The Wisconsin Religious Collaborative is a membership organization designed to enable religious institutes to assist collaborate and each other with management and resource needs, ultimately allowing leadership to focus on mission and ministry. 


WRC member organizations may assist each other in providing needed internal management services through collaboration sharing of personnel or programs, or through seek and/or sharing the services of outside vendors. This is the first such organization in the United States. The collaboration will be needs-driven and designed to free leadership and members of religious institutes to focus on mission and ministry. 


The Collaborative envisions designing and collaborating on such services as assessing management needs, being a clearing house for available resources, sharing management resources, identifying potential resources to meet needs including outsourcing beyond member institutes, and initiating new collaborative ventures. 


After many months of exploration and research, WRC was formed in early 2018, and was accepted in the Official Catholic Directory via the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in June 2018. Executive Director Lyn Korte, CAE, was hired in January 2019. 


The first six months of 2019 were focused on establishing an infrastructure for the organization and completing in-depth research and discovery into each member organization's needs and strengths. Several programs and projects were identified to meet the biggest needs and leverage strengths across all the communities. The second half of 2019 was focused on developing those programs and continuing to talk to non-member religious institutes to better understand opportunities for expanded collaboration, support, and partnership throughout the region. As we dive into 2020, WRC is focused on development of these programs and services. 


More information will be made available on this website and posted within this WRC Blog in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned to learn about the progress of the Collaborative!

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the WRC is invited to reach out to Executive Director, S. Julie Tydrich.